Of castles, lochs and love: half-light


Eilean Donan Castle

Half-Light: the imposing fortress of Eilean Donan Castle is almost perfectly reflected in Loch Duich when conditions are favourable. Castles and fortresses have always fascinated me, the stories in their cold stone walls are echos of past lives and loves.  In Eilean Donan’s half-light reflection lies an other worldliness. Just below the surface of the loch are shadows of lives lived long ago, battles fought and lost, times of hardship and prosperity. There is part of all of us that is tender and vulnerable, a part that we seek to protect with a fortress of our own just as Valerie Dohren’s poem below describes. I hope you like it 🙂

No walls of stone were ever cast
Nor yet as such defined
To equal thus the fortress built
Where I be so confined

And ever shall this fortress hold
My soul within its keep
That none shall deem to touch or see
Whilst there it lingers deep

Enclosed within, this fragile heart
Then finds a refuge there
Away from all to trouble me
Hid low from worldly glare

Yet if true love these walls could shake
And tender words could raze
Then merrily I would rejoice
To welcome sweeter days

So ever shall I seek release
Through love`s redeeming grace –
This fortress then would, crumbling, fall
To show the sun`s bright face


6 thoughts on “Of castles, lochs and love: half-light

  1. Lovely interpretation of this week’s challenges. There is always something mysterious about castles. As you said, all the history and battles fought, and you do wonder if people back in the day did enjoy living in there – what with castles having no large windows. I am sure they did. Each castle is charming in its own way.


  2. This poem embraces an epic metaphor of emotional imprisonment It is a universal struggle that you invite your readers to share and experience. It is wonderfully written and showcases the depth of your abilities as a poet. I love your site and can get lost her for hours!


    1. Thank you Dennis. I think perhaps my creative self is imprisoned by the work I do (never used to be that way but times and environments change). So when I’m away from work and have space, the artist and poet is more able to roam freely.

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