Castles: Sinclair Girnigoe

Once thought to be two separate castles because the building sits on sea stacks separated from the mainland, Sinclair Girnigoe Castle is really one building albeit remote and now a ruin.

The original building is ancient, possibly dating from the 1300’s. In its heyday it may well have been a formidable stronghold or a safe retreat given the harsh unpredictability of winters in Scotland’s far north.

Though it stands without a roof and is tumbledown in places, this castle is still very impressive. In Spring Fulmars nest among the tower keep while in Autum, Jackdaws, Hooded Crows and Ravens are all nearby.

Previous generations of Corvidae perhaps bore witness to the castle’s occupation and likely destruction by Cromwell’s troops.

Clan Sinclair Trust is now restoring Sinclair Girnigoe castle so future generations can be inspired and awed by its unique setting and rugged architecture. Even in its current state it doesn’t disappoint.


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