Dandelion Clocks


Take care with your seconds, minutes and hours

Notice the leaf buds, the grasses and ferns

The lushness of Spring grows fast in the meadow

Head in the clouds there is so much to learn


Take care with your days, sunshine and showers

Consider the meadow, dandelions and streams

The bounties of Summer so sweet ripe and tempting

Life in the fast-lane a head full of dreams


Take care with your weeks, whether happy or dour

Stand tall if darks tempting, when anguished or low

The harvests of Autumn fill natures rich larder

You’re learning life’s lessons yet more you will know


Take care with the months, the years full of hours

Have patience to know and for kindness be known

The snowdrifts through Winter bringing blankets of silence

A lifetime of memories now old you have grown





4 thoughts on “Dandelion Clocks

    1. I saw the first dandelion flower today. It’s been much warmer here in the last couple of days but set to get colder again at the weekend…no snow though! Here’s to some warmer weather for you soon Maurice


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