Kylesku ~ An Caolas Cumhang



It was a beautiful February day, crisp, cold and sunny. The cloud formation seemed to follow the same trajectory as Quinag (in Gaelic Cuinneag) an impressive mountain of Torridonian sandstone, Lewisian gneiss and Cambrian quartzite. Quinag boasts three peaks with the highest – Sail Gharb – topping 2,651 feet.

This area of north-west Scotland is called Assynt and its landscape is a captivating pastiche of lochs, mountains, peat bogs, coastal inlets and islands.

Scotland February 2015 2015-02-26 072

3 thoughts on “Kylesku ~ An Caolas Cumhang

    1. We were lucky, the ground was still frozen but snow had subsided at road level. Crossing the high point just over the water we ran into a blizzard that seemed to come from nowhere and threatened to make the journey to Lochinver quite treacherous. Within half an hour it came and went. The Highlands are the only place I know where four seasons in one day is a regular occurrence. Do you get the same unusual / unpredictable weather patterns in Newfoundland?


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