Towards Ben Loyal

Remote. That’s probably the best description for this spot above Loch Eriboll looking towards Ben Loyal.This mountain of granite consists of four peaks, An Caisteal (764m), Sgòr Chaonasaid (712m), Bheinn Bheag (744 m) and Sgòr Fionnaich (568m).

Sutherland: towards Ben Loyal

Sutherland: towards Ben Loyal

It was bitterly cold and very windy when I took these photographs but aside from the wind there was no sound at all. No road noise, no aeroplanes, no rustling leaves and no animals. When the wind dropped it was really quite eerie. I could imagine being spooked here given the right conditions.

Ben Loyal from above Loch Eriboll

Ben Loyal from above Loch Eriboll

I don’t know the story of the deserted croft in the foreground. It’s walls stood firm despite the absence of a roof. At some point someone lived here, miles from anything remotely resembling suburbia. I wondered what secrets the old house held and how many other travellers had stopped over the years to ponder it’s magnificent solitude somewhere along the unclassified road from Durness to Tongue. I was struck by the wild beauty of this place, the scale of the landscape and it’s dream-like setting simply because it is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever seen.

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