Stunning Snowdonia

IMG_0739 (2)

Looking across the river, Afon Glaslyn, towards the  mountains of Snowdonia. This area is beautiful all year through and it’s easy to see why walkers, trekkers and climbers are attracted to the rugged landscape and endless skies. Far from the madding crowd it’s a haven for wildlife, an inspiration for artists and poets, and a sanctuary for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of our non-stop never-resting cities.  A day here is priceless – nature has a way of working wonders for the soul…

4 thoughts on “Stunning Snowdonia

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I hope the urban sprawl never extends into these areas and instead the government focus on regeneration in city areas that have been neglected and allowed to disintegrate for far too long.


  2. dear Tracy,

    such a beautiful photo, and I so enjoyed reading your narrative about this very special place on the planet. I am happy for you to have such a lovely haven to explore and to fill your heart with wonder and gratitude for the comfort and respite it gives you. wish I could beam myself over, and take a walk with you to see it all for real and listen to your voice extolling it all, and see your sweet face, your eyes sweeping across the scene and zeroing in on such a fabulous shot with your camera. I love coming to this site, Tracy – it nourishes my soul as I look at all the details – I counted 12 shades of blue! and the contrast between the golden light, the shadows of the mountains behind the plains – yup, nature really does have a way of working wonders for the soul!

    much love,

    Karen 00X00


    1. My dear Karen,

      I would be so happy if you could beam yourself here and we could take that walk together. I feel we are kindred spirits with a shared mission to rediscover all that is good in the world and all that is good for us. Our souls have been battered and bruised yet we are moving forward, cherishing the present and being grateful for peace and equilibrium wherever we might find it. I am so glad that you find nourishment here, as I find through your enduring thoughtfulness and caring.
      With much love to you dear friend xoxox


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