Late Summer Sunflowers

I feed the birds and in return they bring a welcome chirping, chattering, multicoloured aerial display to the garden. Even in the depths of winter I can look through the window and see the brilliant reds, blues, greens and yellows of their plumage like a string of dancing baubles on the branches of my gnarled and leafless cherry trees.

We haven’t hit winter yet, summer is holding on and the continued warmth has brought a bumper harvest of haws and berries but the birds are very choosy, ignoring nature’s table to feast non-stop on their favourite food – sunflower hearts.

Not all of the seeds make their way into the hungry birds; the finches are especially messy so the garden is awash with random sunflowers and the sunflowers are full of fuzzy bumble bees, just like the one in this photo.



11 thoughts on “Late Summer Sunflowers

    1. There’s hope for us both then, perhaps a shorter winter? Perhaps not so cold? A little less snow for you and maybe none for me? My sense is that we have a cold one on the way though… in a couple of months we’ll find out.


    1. Hi Dianne, they’re fairly tolerant. But if you get slugs and snails, watch out because they’ll strip the seedlings in a matter of moments. If the seeds get past this stage and there’s enough water to get them going they’ll soon fill your yard with happiness πŸ™‚ Plant the seeds in groups and the strongest ones will push through using the smaller ones as support.


    1. We’ve had a deceptive summer… warm early on, then wet and now warm again. But the nights are drawing in and the dew is high every morning. I wish we’d equalise hours with central Europe, just to get a little extra daylight at this this of year


  1. dear Tracy, what bliss to find this blog where you share such bounteous bliss with your photos and art work! I have been searching for exactly what you have created, a diversion from all the travails of health and from the demands of profound and exhausting effort as I try to envision a re-birthing that is meaningful and will soothe my soul with dreams of reawakening my creative juices – they have always been such a vital life-force and I miss the soul-stirring zone of being lost in joy and wonder. I can’t wait to explore more of your blog; it’s lovely knowing there is so much more to see and be inspired. i hope this finds you feeling well and enjoying your wonderful gift with photography and your other art. how lovely that we are already friends as it brings such a delightful prospect to get better acquainted. the late summer sunflowers photo is so beautiful, with the gentle contrast of the shadows, and many textures against the silvery gray-green leaves.

    much love and admiration and thanks to you, my Friend,

    Karen XXOO

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    1. Dear Karen, an oasis for re-birthing, soul soothing and igniting your rich and generous spirit is what I wish for you knowing the many trials life has sent your way. I hope as each day rises you find yourself invigorated and refreshed. We cannot wash away our heartbreaks but we can begin to wash our lives with a rainbow of colour, whatever form they take and whatever else we might be forced to face. I hope we will know each other for a very long time because we have much to create and many places to rediscover wonder and joy. Sending you much love dear friend xoxox


      1. oh, My Dear,

        thank you for those beautiful words of comfort and your heart felt good wishes. I have tears of gratitude running down my face. you are such a beautiful person; you radiate such love and compassion – it is truly palpable to me, so real and meaningful, and it feels like a balm you have sent to help soothe me and to help me to heal. I love knowing I can come to your blog and to this lovely site for generous doses of beauty and creativity that awakens my soul to so many possibilities.

        I am aligning with the Universe to reaffirm that it is on our side, that it gives us what we need because what we need is within our selves – it always has been. and I am thinking of you as you approach your own challenges, holding you up into the brightest light of hope, and sending you so much love. Karen OOXOO


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