Last Night’s Sunset


We get some beautiful sunsets looking down through the Teme valley and across to the Bromyard Downs but nine times out of ten I don’t have my camera with me. Last night the cloud formations and colours were too good to miss so I stopped the car at the edge of a field and took this photo with my phone. On my way back home from Tenbury the mist was drawing in and no evidence of this image remained. Tonight I can see a pale pink glow out to the west but nothing so beautiful as last night’s sunset.


4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Sunset

    1. There’s a line of gold in the centre of the photo. In real life it looked like the heavens were parting and I might see up to whatever rests above, or as if someone unnoticed had stitched a brilliant golden thread between the clouds, perhaps in an attempt to draw them together and keep the heavens away from prying eyes.

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