The road to Aberystwyth

The Road to Aberystwyth

The Road to Aberystwyth

A couple of weeks ago I needed to collect a bike from Wales. Rather than taking the direct route back I journeyed up the coast, stopped off in Aberaeron for a honey ice cream (the local speciality which is simply delicious!) and then travelled further along the coast to Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth was badly affected by the New Year storms that led us from 2013 to 2014 and many  properties along the seafront were still boarded up as I passed through.

On my way back I took the A44 expecting it to be a reasonably fast, but not too scenic route. How wrong I was!  Although the road is quite fast the scenery doesn’t disappoint and having happened across this valley, I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop and take photos. It really is this green and the photo doesn’t do it credit.

Although the British Isles is small compared to mainland Europe and minuscule compared to Australia or the USA, there are truly wonderful areas of countryside, beautiful coastlines, buzzing cities and plenty of culture to explore. It’s not the warmest or driest place in the world but we have to count our blessings – we don’t get typhoons, bush fires, tsunamis or serious earthquakes either.

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