Camouflage (Don’t look if you’re afraid of spiders!)

In the garden there’s an olive tree. Sadly it doesn’t bear olives because the climate isn’t warm enough to support them, even though the tree itself does just fine.

While looking at this year’s new growth I noticed this well camouflaged green orb weaver spider. I know spiders aren’t everyone’s favourite creature but I’ve always found them fascinating and this one is a very fetching shade of green.


I get a lot of spiders at home but most of those I find in the garden (and the bathroom) are big, brown and hairy. Some bathroom spiders are very big and very fast, ideally suited to frightening the life out of spider-hating visitors from the city who aren’t used to the range of critters you share your home with when you live in the countryside.

This almost fluorescent green arachnid wasn’t what I expected to discover hanging out in the olive tree. It’s such an attractive colour and so well adapted to its habitat that I couldn’t resist taking its photograph. Notice it’s already caught its lunch? That’s the reason I never allow spiders to be killed… Lots of spiders in and around the house = very few flies 🙂


8 thoughts on “Camouflage (Don’t look if you’re afraid of spiders!)

    1. There are mainly brown ones here too. I don’t think these green ones would survive your climate Maurice, they seem to like something more moderate


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