Old and interesting

Living in the UK provides plenty of opportunity to seek out interesting old buildings.  These ancient timber-framed dwellings in the Herefordshire village of Pembridge date from the 15th Century while the New Inn public house, also in Pembridge, is even older – dating back to 1311.  The  Inn is said to be haunted by two ghosts, a young woman and a red coat soldier. In Shropshire the rather ornate Feathers hotel (shown in the main photo) was constructed in 1619 by a Ludlow lawyer.  It is also said to be haunted, possibly by three different ghosts including a man and his dog.  Whether you believe in the supernatural or not the buildings have witnessed many people come and go over hundreds of years and that in itself makes them intriguing.

3 thoughts on “Old and interesting

  1. Just thinking – you won’t find an intact human made structure here in NL thats more than a few hundred years and those are scarse.
    Lovely pictures and, yes, tgeyvare intriguing.


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