Goldfinch ~ Watercolour


These pretty finches are one of my favourite garden birds. They arrive in folks, ten or twelve birds at a time and announce their presence by noisy chattering. Not that they need any announcement since their plumage is so stunning. They frequently squabble over food, often sparring with each other mid flight or squawking loudly atop spindly tree branches. They’re very fond of thistle seeds but in the garden they enjoy sunflower kernels and niger seed.

6 thoughts on “Goldfinch ~ Watercolour

  1. I’m planting sunflowers and a globe thistle to attract more of these to our garden this winter. They love teasals too but watch out if you plant them as they are prolific spreaders šŸ™‚

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    1. I love teasels, used to make Christmas decorations from the when I was a child. I have a spot where they might grow and be able to spread without causing issues… Now to find some seeds šŸ™‚


      1. Don’t buy any seeds yet .. i think I have a couple of dried heads with seeds in the garage… failing that I definitely have plenty of small ones that I can dig up for you!


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